The Co-op Weekly: December 11th - 17th

See what co-op games are releasing this week!

Make sure to come back here periodically to check for additional co-op releases - sometimes developers surprise release their games!

Game of the Week

Developer/Publisher: Duhndal

One-armed robber | FPS | 1-2 Players | Online Co-op | PC

Releases December 15th

One-armed robber is a chaotic first-person heist game that centers around a uniquely challenging premise. Players take the role of a determined robber equipped with only one arm, tasked with pulling off daring heists on banks, shops, and various establishments.

C’mon now. The title alone is super intriguing. We dare you to watch the trailer and not come away thinking that you’d have a blast trying to get filthy rich with just one arm. This is by the team that made the hit, One-armed cook. We think they’ve got another one up their sleeve.

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